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By Don Kruse


Property Improvements Without Assessments, the “PIWA PLAN” is a 24 month simple plan that leads to People Instantly Working Again, by allowing all property owners within a 24 month period in Hillsborough County to make Improvements to the their property (up to 50% of the current assessed value of the property) without the property having any new assessments for as long as the property remains in the owner’s name. Any and all new owners of the property after the completion of the 24 month PIWA PLAN would
be responsible for the full assessed value of the property. It’s a mechanism for putting people back to work now, while increasing property value and providing future tax revenue for Hillsborough County. For a few examples, click on the links above.
PIWA PLAN = Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Don Kruse, Republican, for Hillsborough County Commission District 7

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